Posted by: faqir | December 26, 2009

al-Kharida al-Bahiyya – The Lustrous Untouched Pearl

  1. States the one who hopes to receive the Mercy of the Powerful/ Ahmad, known as al-Dardir:
  2. Praise belongs to Allah, the Sublime, the Indivisibly One/ the Knower (of everything), the Single, the One beyond need, the Magnificent!
  3. And the best of benedictions and salutations/ be upon the Prophet, the noble and chosen one!
  4. And likewise upon his household and pure companions/ especially his dear friend in the cave (Abu Bakr al-Siddiq).
  5. This is a noble text on faith and belief/ which I named “the Lustrous Untouched Pearl”.

Read More:

Al-Kharida Al-Bahiyya – The Lustrous Untouched Pearl
Imam Ahmad al-Dardir



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