Posted by: faqir | December 26, 2009

Ibn Hazm on Ascribing a Place to Allah

One is required to take Allāh’s word, exalted is He, literally as long as there is no text, or consensus, or empirical necessity, which stops us from doing that. We know that everything that is in a place occupies that space and fills it and assumes its shape. One of the two things has to be. We know that whatever is in a place has to be limited by the limits of that place, as it has to be limited by a finite limit in the six or five directions in its space, and these are the attributes of bodies.

Read on:

Ascribing a Place to Allah
Imām Ibn Hazm



  1. Though Ibn Hazm supports truth on this matter. he is not to be considered for Tardiyyay[rh]. as his deviations in other matters are many, which had prompted Ahle sunnah scholars to consider his ‘Pen’ as equal to the notorious Hajjaj ibn Yusuf’s ‘sword’.He was aZahiri who had accused almost every scholar who preded him.

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