Posted by: faqir | December 26, 2009

Commentary on Al-`Aqidah al-Sanusiyya [Matn Umm al-Barahin]

In the Name of Allāh, Most Compassionate, Most Merciful. And the Salutations of Allāh be upon our Master Muḥammad and upon his Family and all his Companions.

`Abdullāh Muḥammad ibn `Umar ibn Ibrahīm al-Malāli -thereafter known as al-Tilmisāni, may Allāh’s kindness be upon him – [he being one] to whom Allāh showed His favour and generosity and one through whom He gave benefit by his person and exemplification of the truth of Muḥammad and his family – said:

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Commentary on Matn Umm al-Barahin
Shaykh Abdullah al-Malali


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