Posted by: faqir | December 26, 2009

Ibn al-Baqillani

Ibn al-Bâqillânî, Muhammad ibn al-Tayyib ibn Muhammad ibn Ja`far ibn Qâsim, Shaykh al-Islâm, al-Qâdî Abû Bakr ibn al-Bâqillânî al-Basrî al-Baghdâdî al-Mâlikî al-Ash`arî (d 403), eulogized by al-Dhahabî as “the erudite Imâm, peerless Master of the mutakallimîn, and foremost of the Scholars of usûl, author of many books, the examplar of perspicuity and intelligence.” Elsewhere he exclaims: “There is not, among all the Ash`arî Scholars of kalâm, anyone better than him!”1 Al-Qâdî `Iyâd said: “He is known as the Sword of the Sunna (Sayf al-Sunna) and the Spokesman of the Community (Lisân al-Umma), a mutakallim who spoke the language of the hadîth Scholars, adhering to the doctrine of Abû al-Hasan al-Ash`arî, and the apex of Mâlikî Scholars in his time. His gathering in al-Basra was huge.” Al-Khatîb narrates that Ibn al-Bâqillânî’s nightly wird – at home or abroad – consisted in twenty tarwîha or twenty pauses, each pause separating sets of two to four rak`as.

Read his biography:

Imam Ibn al-Baqillani


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