Posted by: faqir | December 26, 2009

Ibn Furak al-Shafi’i

Ibn Fûrâk, Muh.ammad ibn al-H.asan ibn Fûrâk, Abû Bakr al-As.bahânî al-Shâfi`î (d. 406), the Imâm and foremost specialist of kalâm and us.ûl, transmitter of al-Ash`arî’s school, specialist of Arabic language, grammar and poetry, orator, jurist, and h.adîth scholar. He studied doctrine under al-Ash`arî’s companion, Abû al-H.asan al-Bâhilî, and Abû `Uthmân al-Maghribî who stipulated, before his death, that Ibn Fûrâk lead the funeral prayer over him.

Read his biography:

Imam Ibn Furak al-Shafi’i


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