Posted by: faqir | December 27, 2009

Ibn `Abd al-Salam and Ash`ari Ta’wil

The great Imâm `Izz al-Dîn Ibn `Abd al-Salâm wrote a treatise on the principles of metaphorical interpretation of the Holy Qur’an according to the Ash`arî School entitled al-Ishâra ilâ al-Ijâz fi Ba`d. Anwâ` al-Majâz (Ed. `Uthmân H.ilmî, Cairo:`at al-`Amira, 1313/1895) which recently received a new edition. In it he states:

Read More:
Ibn `Abd al-Salam and Ash`ari Ta’wil
Imam Izz al-Din Ibn `Abd al-Salam


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