Posted by: faqir | December 27, 2009

Islam From a Scientific Perspective

Part 1 of a Series of Lectures with Shaykh Dr. Muhammad Sa’id Ramadan al-Buti:



  1. As salamu ‘alaykum,

    I noticed that this video is hard to follow because some videos are missing. Does anyone know where I can watch all of the videos with english subtitles in order to avoid being frustrated? lol

    Jazak’Allaahu khairan

  2. Bootie: even his beard is not Sunnah-ic.

    For all your sahaba, muhammad, qur’an, the volumes of ink spilled and poured concerning your hanbals and abu hanifahs, your siffeens and your jamals, the so cald possessors of ‘khayr’ and ‘wisdom’ and ‘zuhd’ the entirety of which could not even produce a bicycle or a car. could not make a wheelchair, could not harness electricity.

    Japan is instantly better than anything which the islamies hav ever had.

    muslim countries are khara’-holes

    ‘o lord give us the khayr in this dunya’. apparently ur allah cud not see fit to giv them knowledge of electricity..but instead u have different kinds of qutbs.
    the best of generations..and what?

    proclus, euclid, pythagoras plus mathematicians from india, china all pre-islam. did muhammad ‘who knows all things except five’ etc etc tell his followers ‘study those as they’re beneficial? study mathematix, biology, physix all of precede his qur’an?

    who invented the telephone who invented computers? who invented kidney dialysis machines? the best ummah ever to be? BULL-KharA’ah.

    insted u hav the pitiful Nawawies telling the faithful how to have sex with little girls and age 9 is not a minimum, as long as she can take it. pitiful malik telling u can take a slavegirl that u’v just bought if she sings – shameless shaafi’i telling the faithful that the mahr/sidaaq is payment for the woman’s vulva.

    the real ulama are Newton, Darwin, Dawkins -rahimahumullah, hafizahumullah etc!- u ought to feature these luminaries in ur fotogalleries rather than ur obscurantist cultists
    like bootie -who produced absolutly nothing. syria a sham country, nicoteen addicts look at syria a south korea..did bootie ever bring blessings to syrian? look a t Makka a desert cult-hole. look at Faas, oxford cambridge? Muslim wurld hasn’t even got a good university because u’r followers of islam, Dhulaamiyyah maHDaa!


  3. obviously the above retard called ‘adam’ must have a history teacher with huge gaps in their knowledge

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