Posted by: faqir | December 27, 2009

Imam al-Ghazali Explains the Creed of the Salaf Regarding Allegorical Reports

You have asked me (may Allah give you right guidance) about the reports that give the impression of there being resemblance [between Allah and His creation] to the hooligans (ra’a) and fools among the deviant crpto-anthropomorphists (Hashwiyya)1, whereas they have believed about Allah and His attributes things that He is high beyond and sanctified from having—such as “the form,” the “hand,” the “mouth,” “the foot,” “the descent,” “the transference from place to place,” the “sitting on the Throne and the establishment,” and other things of a like nature that they have adopted from the literal indications of the reports and the physical forms they depict.

Read on:

The Creed of the Salaf Regarding the Allegorical Reports
Imam al-Ghazali

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